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 00-newcampus Raffles' New Campus insight *NEW* INSIGHT Graduation JUNE 2013 00-1joe_chiaAvant-Garde Designer Joe Chia Presents Label at Charity Fashion Show

00-1paulRaffles Alumnus soaring high in the Fashion Industry
00-1germanyRaffles Graphic Designer Steals International Show at Germany corelle Raffles Graphic Designers Sweep Top Spots at Corelle Art @ Ambiente Contest 2013 00-1japan Raffles students represent Singapore in the Kizuna (Bond) project! 00-1kizuna Raffles College of Higher Education gets more involved in Corporate Social Responsibility
00-1ruins A Fashion Odyssey With Raffles 00-1mvb Raffles School of Business studies “Mind vs Body” 00-1sunyatsen Raffles School of Business tours Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall. 00-1RACE_PATTERN Fashion-passionate students learn the art of pattern-making and sewing
00-1deanmartin Successful Alumnus – Dean Martin 00-1HSA Psychology Students & Lecturers Celebrated for their Contribution to Pilot-Study on Accused Persons with Mental Disabilities logo Race_button2

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